Monday, March 23, 2015

Ethan's Transportation Nursery!!

When it comes to doing our kids' rooms, I love to come up with a theme that is not babyish that will last and grow with the child, something he's unlikely to hate when he gets bigger and of course something that I can run with decor wise. 

The inspiration for Ethan's room was the vintage cars fabric in the picture below and then we found the paint colors to match! We got the paint from Home Depot - Behr Premium Plus Ultra in December Eve for the blue and Grape Leaves for the green!

Ethan's room before, after we put up the chair rail, and then after we painted. 
Perfect match!

Of course we had to paint the fan blades to match the grey furniture (they were dark brown on one side and light wood on the other) and then shampooed the carpet!

Next, came the "lifetime" furniture from Baby's and Kid's First Furniture in Sugar Land
that we got on sale for 20% off! :) Sales are always good! We also got our glider from them as well!

What's in a name? The picture on the left is something I made to show the meaning of Ethan's name. The bottom right photo is the street name sign I ordered with Ethan's name from
 Ethan's name decal made to match the colors and customized by Lucy Lew's Vinyl Decor on Etsy, she also made Evan's name decal before in our first son's room! :) 

Some projects I did for Ethan's room were the red metal "E", the black metal shelf, and the black metal motorcycle that I found at Hobby Lobby for 50% off! :) The red didn't fit the room exactly so I spray painted it a green to match along with the black motorcycle, since it wouldn't be seen on the dark blue walls very well and same for the shelf, so I painted that with a gray Rust-oleum paint…which was hard to paint because the paint is so thick and would run, and those little hash marks inside the shelf were hard to get, but it came out great!! I was thinking I could later use this shelf for below or above his TV once he gets bigger, if he gets one in his room! :) #thinkingahead

I also found the United States wood piece at Hobby Lobby, however it was blue, and would not show well on the dark blue wall, so I painted it with the left over green paint and then distressed it.   
The bottom right picture below shows the half oil cans that I found at Hobby Lobby, I wanted to have something in Ethan's room that we could hang things on much like we did for Evan's room, of course nothing heavy though. So I asked my husband to put hooks in them and it came out perfect! 
The top right picture in the collage below were made by Ethan's PawPaw, my husband's dad, Larry and then I painted them! :) I sent him the plans that I found from and he came up with the SUV one as an extra. 

 Then came the bedding and more!! I reached out to various shops on Etsy and sent them a picture of the fabric, in search of one that would work with me to make everything just how I was imagining for Ethan's room…one that would be reasonably priced as well as someone who would customize items and that could make a variety of items! 

I found the perfect person/shop for the job and I couldn't be happier. Lisa did such a wonderful job and was so responsive to messages, she was also excited about working on everything for us and that was obvious through her messages which not everyone is so enthusiastic about you ordering from them. She really puts a lot into her work and it shows. I couldn't speak more highly of her. Please check Lisa from the Bump and Bean out on EtsyFacebook, and her website!

Here is what Lisa from the Bump and Bean made: 
- Bedding set that included a crib skirt, the guard rail cover, and a two sided blanket that he will be able to use even when he is a toddler and we transition the bed to a toddler bed. 
- Mobile to match theme with music box
- 2 sided boppy cover
- 2 changing pad covers, one pictured below and one in just the green minky fabric
- 20x20 Pillow case cover, and I bought the pillow from Ikea
- small lovey blanket personalized
- personalized blanket
- diapers wipe case (I'll have to add a photo of it!)
- teddy bear 
- 3 burp cloths
- a onesie

 The completed room below! Love it! 

Frames from Ikea, just like the photo collage I did in Evan's room. 
Lamp from matched the frame I found from Hobby Lobby perfectly and it was cheaper than the oil can lamp there. It also brought in some more color and tied in some of the things that were in the room. 

The large Ford truck book and black motorcycle on the bookshelf, the red truck above the door, the yellow airplane,  the green dino sign, the Chevron gas pump wall decor and the metal bin that I wrote "Pit Stop" on for the diaper changing station are all from Hobby Lobby as well!
Can you tell I love Hobby Lobby?! 

I was lucky to find the perfect green curtains at Ikea! I just had to hem them 14 inches, which I ironed the curtains and then measured and hemmed them with the iron and Stitch Witchery (so that way I didn't have to cut or sew them)! :) 

The organization bins on the bookshelf in the photo below are ClosetMaid Cubecials Fabric Drawers available in a 2 pack from in blue and kiwi green. As you can see I have diapers in one bin, wipes, and then toys and more toys! We had a lot of stuff already since this is our second kiddo!

The little blue and red airplane by Green Toys, toys made from recycled plastic milk jugs, can be found in some stores and on and we had it at our baby shower for everyone that came to sign!

The closet organizer is awesome and we got it as a gift at our shower, we registered for it on (yup, we love too!).  The Delta 24 Piece Nursery Closet Organizer set comes with hangers, dividers with labels you can pick from and put on them, I like to do them by size. It also came with the hanging shelf and two bins! We kept all of Evan's clothes and baby stuff just in case we had another boy, and sure enough we did so his closet was packed full!   

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